Welcome to the Friends of Occoneechee State Park Website

The Friends are a group of volunteers registered with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to support the park, its staff, and the public users.

Friends serve as volunteers at events and activities, as a non-profit fund-raising arm for improvements not funded by the government, and, to help keep the park and the community in sync.

The Friends of Occoneechee State Park raise funds by selling water, drinks, & snack concessions. Money is also raised through recycling.

New leaves and blooms spread on the arbor in Plantation Gardens at Occoneechee.

As the Spring days warm up into Summer, Occoneechee offers short-term or visitors of longer stays some cool daycations on a trail or at the Plantation Gardens. There’s almost always a bloom to see and a whiff of something in the gardens.

Besides being a Friends member, did you know there are several other volunteer programs working at Occoneechee?

Improvements at Occoneechee & other VA State Parks are made by young people who work in the Youth Conservation Corps. The folks who greet you and keep a general check on things are actually volunteering through the CampHost program. Maybe you can’t volunteer or join as a Friends member.

Friends of Occoneechee State Park – Adopted Projects

The Friends group has adopted projects to support through fundraising and volunteer work.

Those projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sponsor Fall Haunted Hike – Sponsor Easter Field Games.
  • Terrace Gardens/ Occoneechee Plantation site improvements.
  • Amphitheater improvements.
  • Purchase canoes and equipment to expand interpretive program offerings.
  • Upgrade lighting at the main boat ramp.

Enjoy hiking, biking, trailing, birding, hot or cold picnics, camping, or just hiding away in a cozy cabin in a wonderous environment along the shores of beautiful Kerr Lake.
Come for a few hours, for a day or a week. Enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, trailing, birding, hot or cold picnics, camping, or just hiding away in a cozy cabin in a wonderous environment along the shores of Kerr Lake.

The beautiful Kerr Lake offers facilities for fishing, boating, swimming, and other water sports. It has one of the top bass fishing locations in the country. You can fish from the shore, boat, or the universally accessible fishing pier. You can use a bass fishing rod to catch Largemouth, White, and Striped Bass in the 2-4 pound range. Other fish in the lake include Crappie, Bluegill, White Perch, Channel, Flathead, Blue Catfish, and Walleye.

For information email or call (434) 374-2210 for details.

Signs of Change Now Greet Visitors

Signs of Change Now Greet Visitors

It’s a little better than a sign of the times. There’s more instead of less. This new Occoneechee park sign actually has more listings on it as parks and other things are seeing less in most cases. The new additions for 2012 are the Marina and the Fuel Dock operated by the park staff. More information can be found on our news page.

Contact Information

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The FOSP uses contact information only in connection with Occoneechee State Park and its support.

    If you prefer, you can write to the Friends group direct at

    Friends of Occoneechee State Park
    1192 Occoneechee Park Road
    Clarksville, Va. 23927